High quality picture framing is the craft that began Piper Arts. As Piper has expanded into many other art services, we remain devoted to the craft and material intelligence that fine framing requires. We are proud to start with the assumption that great framing first and foremost protects a work of art. Then it separates it from the environment in a way that enhances the environment in which it will be placed. And finally, framing should use fine materials designed to enhance the art viewing experience.

Come into our shop today and look at our selection of hundreds of molding, mat materials and colors and many new materials that have advanced the art of framing in the twenty first century.

Piper offers:

  • In-store or in-home consultation
  • Installation of artwork
  • Restoration of artwork
  • A great selection of contemporary art in our gallery space
  • Brokering services for commissioning artwork
  • Clean and checks: Professional artwork cleaning and structural integrity, material durability, and hanging checkups