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Anne Belov has been painting and drawing for more than 25 years. She received her BFA from Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) i...   [ more ]
Arnold Iger has shaped his creative life for over 25 years, exploring and synthesizing visual media including printmaking, film, video, mask making,pu...   [ more ]
The paintings have become a visual diary of the challenges we face coping in our daily lives. Allowing me to explore a fundamental human experience of...   [ more ]
Wood Sculptor and Abstract Artist I grew up as a farm kid in Clark County, SD and went to a one-room country school. Living in the country meant I o...   [ more ]
Cheryl is a rural resident of Springfield, South Dakota. She enjoys commissioned work in varied materials and circumstance, along with jewelry making....   [ more ]
I am an artist living in rural South Dakota. Living in ranching country, I am surrounded by endless beauty and opportunities for new paintings. My...   [ more ]
Finding any one sculpture to be typical of Darwin Wolf isnít likely. He sculpts by inspiration and will confidently move from one subject matter to an...   [ more ]
My focus is in acrylic painting and creating mixed media collages. My work is a combination of photographic reproduction, drawing, and painting. I al...   [ more ]
Horsehair Pottery is fabled to have come from ancient Indian tribes that wanted to preserve the spirit of their horses that were lost in battle. The...   [ more ]
Drake Wood lives and works in South Dakota, where he was born and raised, and a constant source of inspiration, this prairie homeland of tall grass pr...   [ more ]
An Ethiopian born and raised painter, Eyob graduated from the Ethiopian Fine Arts Institute in Addis Ababa in 1993. He immigrated to Sioux Falls in 19...   [ more ]
Gerry Punt received his BFA from Sioux Falls College, Sioux Falls, SD. He has been an artist-in-residence at Augustana College, an instructor of ceram...   [ more ]
Greg is an editorial, corporate and commercial photographer located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is available for assignments throughout the upper...   [ more ]
I believe everyone is an artist in some way, whether it is the presentation of a fine meal or the construction of a beautiful home, the wording of a c...   [ more ]
Jerry is an electrician, teacher, art director and potter. He started making stoneware sculptural vessels fifteen years ago. Over the last twenty year...   [ more ]
JoAnne Bird is a multi-talented artist with a passion for her artistic creations. A professional artist since 1968, her work has evolved into a truly...   [ more ]
I canít remember a time when I didnít like drawing, painting, and probably just scribbling. I can remember at about age eight, my sister and I used to...   [ more ]
Kristin Peterson is a third generation artist, originally from South Dakota, now residing close to the South Dakota border in Minnesota. Kristinís cr...   [ more ]
Larry was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1938. Upon High School graduation he enlisted in the U.S. Navy completing his military service in 1959. He ret...   [ more ]
Pastel on beeswax ground, with limited use of mix-media, results in delicate and lyrics abstract paintings. Nature is a stimuli for the images as it...   [ more ]
I have been drawn to the creation of art since I was a young girl in the 1950's. My mother began to study the American and French Impressionists in c...   [ more ]
Lori Ann Hallstrom began as an amateur artist dabbling in a variety of mediums, but it wasnít until she started working with glass that she found the...   [ more ]
Being a first generation American Chinese, Mamie Joe originally encouraged to be and artist by her Grandfather who was an artist himself. Her parents...   [ more ]
ďIím proud of the fact that Iím self taught. When you purchase a piece of my artwork, it comes from my own techniques that I didnít learn in a classro...   [ more ]
Born and raised in Minnesota I have a tolerance for diversity. We can be enjoying 80 degree weather one day and be sharpening our snow shovels the ne...   [ more ]
Mary Mark has always been an artist. Trained as a painter and print-maker during two bachelor degrees in the 1970s, she taught herself handmade paper-...   [ more ]
My current work is going down two-paths. Some of it includes domesticated imagery, such as couches, trailers, appliances, interior spaces; all of whi...   [ more ]
Late afternoon sunlight dancing through leaves. A delicate yellow lily, opening for the very first time. Clouds rolling over an endless prairie. Scen...   [ more ]
For six decades Robert Aldern had been a major influence on the art of South Dakota. Times change, but the essence of the prairie remains constant. Th...   [ more ]
A South Dakota native, sculptor Shane Juhnke, has created thousands of original pieces. His work can be found in art collections across the 50 states...   [ more ]
Any particular day usually begins and ends with glass. Dancing with molten glass is customary, although the dance changes from one day to the next. Th...   [ more ]
Tim Axtman was born in Harvey, North Dakota. His father was in the military so Tim lived in different locations all over the world throughout his chi...   [ more ]
When Tom Larson was ten years old, he started woodworking in the shop on the farm where he grew up. The fascination of designing in wood further attra...   [ more ]